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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New At ChefOnCallCanada | KitchenLabTM 

ChefOnCallCanada 10 Years of Gastro-Success. Thank You!
Interact. Learn. Taste. Celebrate.
Host your gourmet home dinner party!
The One-And-Only Original ChefOnCallCanada 
brings the food, prepares the food, 
serves the food...and cleans up too!
...So you don't have to! 
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Memorable Gourmet Food
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Canadian Store Opening: Cambridge, September 2014

Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin & Wholesome 
Olive Oils 
Tasting Bar 
Balsamic Vinegars
SauceEssentialsTM Store-Made Gourmet Sauces
KitchenLabTM Gastro-Tasting Bar & Learning Center
Imported & Fresh Store-Made Pastas, Olives, Premium Spices, Rubs & Marinades 
Artisan Whole-Foods by Local Producers