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Sunday, September 4, 2011

ChefOnCallCanadaTM | KitchenLabTM

(Let's stretch out Summer...! Our Fall Menu is on its way!)

ChefOnCallCanadaTM 10 Years of Gastro-Success Coast to Coast. Thank You!
Interact. Learn. Taste. Celebrate.
Host your gourmet home dinner party!
The One-And-Only Original ChefOnCallCanadaTM 
brings the food, prepares the food, 
serves the food...and cleans up too!
...So you don't have to! 
To begin your epic dinner party experience, email
(519) 781-2433 
Party Themes
Ultra-Premium Ingredients
Charming, Entertaining Chefs
Memorable Gourmet Food
Good Fun For Everyone
...Watch for...
Warehouse Outlet Opening: Cambridge, Fall 2014

Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Wholesome 
Olive Oils  
Balsamic Vinegars
Store-Made Gourmet Sauces
KitchenLabTM Gastro-Tasting Bar
Culinary Sharing Center
Imported & Fresh Store-Made Pastas, Olives, Premium Spices, Rubs / Marinades 
Artisan Whole-Foods by Local Producers
Coming Soon!